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The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was founded in 1966. It provides both classes in Scottish Country Dancing from beginner (level 1) to Advanced (level 3) and social events for its members including monthly socials and an annual ball. 

Scottish Country Dancing is the social dancing of Scotland dating back to the 16th Century and consists of Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, and the uniquely Scottish Strathspeys

The music is lively and adds to the exhilaration of the dance. Dances are done in groups (or sets) of 6 or 8 dancers and youdon’t need to bring your own partner to participate. The regular dance season is September to early May.  Informal dancing is also held throughout the summer months.

Come to a class, or drop by one of our socials to watch the fun! The best time to start is in September but new dancers are welcome to join in January also.

You don’t need to be Scottish to recognize Scottish Country Dancing is good value for your money…and good for your health.

 A Sample of our Dancing

Click on the video below to see a brief sample of our dancing.

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Our Classes

More information on classes will be available when the decision is made to restart classes

Level 1 -

This class is for newer dancers who will be introduced to the skills and joy of Scottish Country Dancing. Dancers will be encouraged to move on, by their teacher, when they will benefit from the next level.

The syllabus can be viewed by clicking here

Level 2 -

Will include some of the more difficult formations , dances , and technical skills of dancing. Dancers will discuss the possibility of joining the Level 3 class with their teacher when it is decided that they would benefit from the next level.

The syllabus can be viewed by clicking here

Level 3 -

Will include more advanced formations, dance steps and technique, including the more difficult dances from any programme or dances chosen by the teacher , for the knowledge and enjoyment of the experienced dancer.

The syllabus can be viewed by clicking here

Afternoon Social

This class is for any dancer above Level 1 who wish to dance in a relaxed class which will amongst other dances cover the dances in the next social program.



What is the cost to join our classes?
Annual membership in the Ottawa Branch is $150 for 19-20: $35 for membership in the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and $115 for branch expenses (mainly venue rental, music equipment and teacher costs). In addition dancers pay $1/week in class to cover refreshments.
How do I apply to join?

To apply for membership in the Branch, click here to download the PDF file, complete the form and give it to your class convener or send it to the Branch Treasurer

Where can I dance?

Dancers can dance at any class and social event offered for their level. See the list of classes. Dancers who travel enjoy dancing with other SCD groups throughout the world. There is a link from the Ottawa Branch web site to other Scottish Country Dance web sites so you can check for a dancing group at your holiday destination.

What should I wear to dance?

Dancers soon warm up so we suggest comfortable, light clothing.

What type of shoes should I wear?

We suggest soft, light shoes to begin with. Most women dancers buy ballet or jazz dancing shoes and both women and men buy ghillies. Your class teacher or convenor will advise you about the nearest place to purchase shoes..

Do I need experience?
No experience is necessary. It helps to be aware of the musical beat and you certainly need a sense of fun. Our teachers will teach you the steps, formations and dances.
Do I need a partner?

No. Scottish Country Dances are danced in sets of 8 (6 or sometimes 10) and dancers normally change partners for each dance during the evening.

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