It’s time for the virtual Spring Ball 2020.  The virtual Ball is an amalgam of the 2016 (50th Anniversary) Ball and the 2019 Ball.

We have everyone dressed up for the Ball, the delicious meal, the grand march and the dancing.

Thanks to Chris Thorp for some of the pictures and video footage and to all of you who sent photos and/or participated in the quizzes.

Just use your imagination – you can have a Ball!



Eileen and Barbara



Janet and Brian



Phil and Brenda, Breda, Janice, Brian and Denise (level 1)



Marion and Michael



Anne and Frank McKenna ( past members here ) , Paul & Chris , friends from St Catharines Branch, Marion and Michael






Rowena and Patrick 



Betty and Thane 



Jo Anne and Chris



Dorann and Bill






Rose and Hugh




All dressed up!

A delicious dinner

The Grand March

And on to the dancing