The first video today is highlights of the second half performance when the branch members appeared at the Highland Dance Gala last November.

We seem to have all sorts of virtual performances these days and John Bottriell contributed this one.  It’s a virtual Italian pipe band.  A rough translation of the introduction from google translate is:

“Hello to all from us Italian Scottish bagpipe players .We usually gather to play together and to eat and drink but getting together for eating and drinking now is forbidden.  So now we do it in a virtual way. What you will here in the next minute and a half of music are many Italian Scottish bagpipe players playing together in this difficult period. This is for our Bergamaschi friends to whom we dedicate this virtual video on belhalf of all Italian Scottish bagpipers and drums” 

Bergamaschi was the worst hit region in Italy.

It all sound more flamboyant in Italian though.