Today would have been the last class of the season for the Level 1 class.  I don’t know if we’ve had such an involved level 1 class for a long time. One member, Phil, has joined the branch executive as secretary and another, Denise, will be your Bulletin editor next year.   I know Marion is proud of you all as are the rest of the branch.

On to the offerings for today.  The first is a “Jem” of a dance for a very special person.  The dance was recorded a while ago at the Billings Estate where for many years Hugh Reekie organized a Scottish afternoon in the summer.  Many of the branch were involved in the event

The second is another very creative COVID dance – ‘All Shall Be Well’ with no hands and the same person (the devisor Murrough Landon)  dancing all positions!!!

And for all those of you who follow the Society weekly podcast there is a link to that. As well as dance music, Helen Greenwood from New Zealand tells the story behind ‘Best Set in the Hall’.

Level 1 class
Missing from the photo are:
Roseanne McLennon, Gen Carr, Christian Collins, Eminé Nearey, Krista Lyn, Sue Morton, Constance McLeese, Joyce Richens, Diane Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Jean Scott, Marc Raymond