As you have probably already heard through the class convenors, Brenda Mackintosh passed away yesterday. Many of the long time members of the branch remember Brenda fondly for her kindly manner and Jordie sense of humour.

In fact she may have been the first teacher you had in the branch.

Today we are devoting the blog to her.

I believe Brenda would have wanted us to think of the good times so I have included excerpts of some of her favourite dances and a rehearsal of “that poem”.

You are invited to add your own memories of Brenda in the comments at the bottom of the blog.

I would like to thank her close friend Eileen Black for contributing to the write-up below and the photos of Brenda.

 Brenda Mackintosh

Brenda emigrated from her native Newcastle to Canada in centennial year, 1967, with her friend Vida and they stayed for a short while with Brenda’s uncle, Alex Macwaters and his wife Margaret.

Both girls started dancing at the Macwaters by acting as stooges for prospective teachers at the teacher candidate class that Margaret taught in her basement .  That lead to Brenda attending a SCD workshop weekend in Niagara . On the Monday after her return she was asked by a colleague why she was limping a bit and she explained why and said her colleague should join SCD.  That colleague was Eileen Black.

Brenda decided she wanted to teach and she and Eileen started their training, but before they even got their certificate they started Children’s classes which they both enjoyed.  Once they got their 1st Certificate they started Beginners classes, teaching together and eventually starting their own classes and the Branch began to grow significantly.

Brenda’s talents were endless as she learned to play the guitar and delighted her friends with some of her funny “Jordie” songs.  She was a talented quilter and was still quilting until illness overtook her.  Brenda was also an avid reader; she loved to knit and sew (not just quilts) and enjoyed walking and exercise classes.

She was also a dedicated volunteer and an all-round wonderful friend to many of us  –   Eileen Black