It’s Friday again…I think.

Today, the first video highlights the demonstration team dancing at the NAC.  See how many people you recognize.  The dance is a choreographed dance named ‘Royal Deeside’ but it starts with a dance you should be familiar with.  What is that dance? Send answers to danceaday@rscdsottawa.ca

The next three videos are taken from the RSCDS online class last Wednesday. The teacher is Graham Donald who is originally from Edinburgh but now lives in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands..lucky him. I’ve extracted warms-ups, stretching exercises and a breakdown of the pas de bas.

This is followed by a link to the weekly podcast from RSCDS HQ.

Finally, we have two non-dance pieces, one video to remind you of the safety announcement on the planes you’re not flying right now and another virtual choir.