There have been several requests to have all the videos you can participate in shown in one post so here it is!

As you probable already know, what I have made available from the RSCDS Online classes is the material I thought was appropriate for all levels of dancers.  Some of the teachers in the online class have covered more advanced topics such as highland dance steps and step dances.  I have included the links to the full classes if you have interest in those topics.

At the end I have also included our own Marion Hamilton and her dancing at home videos.

Week 1 –  Angela Young (Scotland) – Warm ups       Full video

Week 2 –  Mervyn Short (England) – Aerobic Warm ups, Joint Loosening, Muscle Stretching and Cool downs.       Full Video

Week 3 –  David Hall (Austria) – Strathspey Warm ups, Strathspey Steps, Petronella figure.    Full Video

Week 4 –  Diana Hastie (Australia) – Warm ups.    Full video

Week 5 –  William Williamson (Scotland) – Warm ups marches, Warm ups waltzes, Cool downs.   Full video

Week 6 –  Ron Wallace and Garry Thomas(USA) – Step dance.    Full Video

Week 7 –  Graham Donald (Canary Islands) – Warm-ups, Stretches and Pas de bas.    Full Video.

Week 8 –  Atsuko Clement (Japan) – Warm-ups, Cool downs.   Full Video

Week 9 –  Fiona Mackie (Scotland) – Warm-ups, Pas de Bas, Poussette, Petronella   Full Video

Dancing at home –  Marion Hamilton (Ottawa) – Reels, Figures of Eight, More Reels, Poussette