Today we again highlight the branch demonstration team in 2012 at Tartan day on the Parliament Hill dancing one of many peoples favourite dances – Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder

Also today we have David Queen from his home in Southport England on the weekly online class.  As well as warm-ups, David does very good footwork transitions in both reel and strathspey time. The second reel time video feature some more advanced transitions. I have also included the dance that he finished the online class with that he dances solo.

Next is the link for the RSCDS podcast for this week.

Finally, if you are dancing at home for exercise, and I hope you are, I have a video just to remind you that you should be careful!

Warm-up marches

Warm-up waltz

Footwork transitions – reel 1

Footwork transitions – reel 2

Footwork transitions – Strathspey

Dance – Jig to the Music