Staying in Touch –

at a safe distance!

Here I am with the second in our occasional series of  “Staying in Touch”.

Last Friday would have been the Welcome Dance and classes would have started this week.  I have compiled a video of three events to remind you of the fun we have and to see some of our dancers again.

During the summer Gillian Huntley, co-convenor of the Level 3 class, was busy  and this shows you the fruit of her labours with a garden tour from her home.

You are invited to send requests of items you would like to see in this space in the future.  If you would like more of the edited sessions of the RSCDS on-line class I would be happy to include that.  Also if you would like to submit items or videos of yourself, please feel free.

There is a comments area at the bottom of the post where you can also pass on messages and thoughts to other members. So come and participate, all I need is your input!