Staying in Touch –

at a safe distance!

This week we have a visit with Richard Hatherill our treasurer who will update you on his responsibilities and then presents an artistic video of where he and Kathy have been spending their Covid time.

This is followed by an Covid art show contributed by Wayne.

Just in case you had forgotten about how great SC Dancing looks, we have a set from Tartan Day 2012 with a medley of Kamo Karousel and Joie de Vivre.

Coming soon, an interview with Iris Wuang about one of her Covid projects, the second book in a series of childrens’ book she has written.

As you have seen in the past few editions of Keeping in Touch, many members have taken up new interests or have expanded on existing hobbies.  If you would like to share them with the rest of our members just get in touch with me by replying to the email you received with this link.

Again, there is a comments area at the bottom of the post where you can also pass on messages and thoughts to other members. So come and participate, all I need is your input!